Monday, March 17, 2014

Liam turns 2!

Liam turned 2 on Sunday.
It is still hard to believe!
I seriously don't know how time can possibly pass so quickly.
When I think about it, my heart aches a little. 
I am so in love with this little man. Our whole world changed the day he came into it. 
I know I say it ALL the time, but I thank God a million times a day for choosing us to be his parents.
And for his beautiful birth mama. 
There are just no words for the way she has changed our lives and our hearts. Forever. 
I cried again last night as 11:19 pm rolled around and I thought about how beautiful he must have looked coming into this world. And how precious those first cries must have sounded.
Thank you Jesus for his birth mom and the love she gave him before he came to us.
I pray everyday that she continues to know how very loved and cherished she is.
And that our baby boy is happy, healthy, and so unbelievably loved. 

Gabe colored some special wrapping paper for Liam's present. 

We had a Daniel Tiger party this year. 

We celebrated with everyone on Saturday. 

He took each card to the person who gave it to him, after we read it.
And then he took each present around for everyone to look at. 

We loved reading birthday messages from everyone! 

This was Liam's last night as a 1 year old. 

On Sunday morning, he got a basketball hoop from Mama & Daddy. 

And we had a doughnut breakfast.  

He also got a bat and ball from mama & daddy. 

We spent his birthday playing and visiting a friend's farm. 

These two boys are such gems. 

And of course, we had some birthday ice cream! 

Gabe loved the ice cream too!
At his 2 year check up, Liam weighed about 31 pounds and was 35 inches tall. He gained 4 pounds since his 18 month check up. We were NOT surprised to hear this, since we have had to buy lots of new clothes and have some serious arm muscles from lifting him lately. He talks ALL THE TIME now and loves to sing and dance. He loves to tell everyone, "I two". He loves to tell you what all of the different animals say and to shout out what letters he sees everywhere. Playing with any car or ball is his favorite. And he loves "cop cars" and got a special treat today, when we went to his check up, and the police car he saw turned its lights on and pulled over a mini van right in our parking lot. He also insisted on holding his mama's hand the whole time he was in the car today and all through lunch. Inconvenient, sometimes painful, and blissfully wonderful.  
Liam Wayne, these first two years have just flown by and we can not believe how big you are getting. We adore being your parents. You make us laugh a million times a day. Thanks for making us a mama & daddy.
We love you so much buddy!

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