Sunday, March 2, 2014

Liam & Gabe's 1st Sleepover

Gabe weekends are always SO much fun and Liam is always SO excited for his cousin to get here. 
But this weekend was extra special because Gabe got to spend the night Saturday. 
Since we are stuck in eternal winter here in South Dakota, it was FREEZING cold and snowing. Of course.
So we found lots of fun ways to keep the boys busy.
Liam had been wanting to show Gabe his Dot Paints.
Gabe LOVED them...we sent a lot of pictures home with him. 

Of course, we played A LOT of cars.

And we had to have a pizza party.
A favorite for both boys!

(Notice the mattress in the back ground: when you can't go outside, they turn into trampolines 
for burning energy out of little boys.)

Then we went in the basement and let them go crazy! 

We brought the cars in from the garage and the drove them all around. 

And pushed them at a 100 miles an was NOISY. 
And so very worth it.

We tried to calm down a little with some tubby time. 

And then we watched a movie and had a popcorn party. 

Liam was excited for Gabe to sit and listen to Bible stories with Daddy with him. He kept looking to see if Gabe thought it was as awesome as he did. So precious. 

So thankful for cousins. So thankful for these beautiful boys who make our hearts so full. 
And thanks to all of that running downstairs, 
they both slept perfect all night long. 
A perfect first sleepover! 
The first of many, I am sure. 

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