Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mr. Liam at 14 months

Liam Wayne Masters.
We love you so much it makes our hearts hurt. 
You make us laugh, cry, want to pull our hair out, surprise us, inspire us, and teach us to love deeper and stronger than we could have ever dreamed.
At 14 months you are...

always a mess, 

climbing on EVERYTHING, 


wanting to be like your daddy in every way, 


total boy,

an explorer,

growing up too fast,

a dare devil, 

a lover of books, 

a hard worker, 

our best buddy,

working on having the EXACT same walk as daddy,


 a lover of animals,
especially your Mollie pup,

and our whole world. 

You repeat words like crazy. And talk jibberish non-stop all day long. 
You love to swing, play in the water, and play with your pets all day long. 
You love to pick up your toys, brush your own hair, and still love to eat everything. 
You love to tell waitresses thank you and they can't believe how polite you are. But you will never tell mama or daddy thank you no matter what. :)
You run full speed everywhere and have incredible balance. 
You love to play with your cars and make car noises all the time. 
You would prefer to be outside always. 
You are our sunshine. 
We thank God every day that you are our son. 

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  1. So Fun to watch him grow and to see the Love and Joy that you two have parenting him....He will someday thank God very much for giving him to you also!!!! Chris(Brians Mom)