Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Storm

Just when things were starting to look like spring in South Dakota, we were hit with a Spring storm.
We would have much preferred to just have 3 days of snow. But instead we got rain, freezing rain, and then snow. The city of Sioux Falls and all of the surrounding small towns have had power outages for days and most of the big trees have broken. It is a mess. We were one of the lucky few who never lost power.
I can't say enough about the firemen (including my hubby), police men, and electric company workers who have been out dealing with the downed power lines for days now. I can't imagine how exhausted they must be! The Parker guys were pretty lucky, and didn't have nearly as many calls as some of the surrounding towns!

Liam liked to peek outside at the ice, but for the first time in his life didn't want to go out when he felt the cold and rain. 

The rain/freezing rain started on Tuesday evening. And everything looked like this by Wednesday morning.

Layer upon layer of ice. 

Luckily our trees that we have planted so far are still small and didn't break. 

Definitely beautiful in its own way.

It started to snow off and on during the afternoon Wednesday. And by this morning we had snow covering all of our ice. 

Liam had fun watching us take turns shoveling each day. 

But the poor trees were even more weighed down with the weight of the snow. 

When we first woke up today there was a blue sky for about an hour. Giving me hope that spring will come back and that this will have given us some much needed moisture. 

So for now I am praising God for the blessing of moisture and praying for those who are still without power. Hurry back spring!! This girl is desperate for some sunshine, warmth, and the ability for my toddler to run free outside!!

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