Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Weekend in the Black Hills

2 weeks ago we had to head to the Hills for our monthly work trip. Fall was always our favorite season when we lived in Spearfish so we decided to make a weekend of it and invited my parents to join us. We had a blast being tourists for the weekend. 
While Max was working in Sundance on Friday we stopped at the local museum. I found this little gem from the past there and thought it was too good not to share. Times have certainly changed! 

We definitely enjoyed having the Pizza Ranch directly attached to our hotel! Liam definitely thinks he is pretty awesome sitting in the big kid high chairs at restaurants now. 

After Max finished working we headed to Devil's Tower. Liam finally got his National Park Passport that we forgot to get for him when we were in the Rockies. 

We were all excited to get out and hike around the tower. 

Liam was ready to go!!

It was a prefect fall day. Our little family had the best time. 

So amazing. You have to see this in person. Pictures just never do it justice. 

The guys enjoying the Wyoming views. 

Our little nature lover. This kid can't get enough of trees!

He also discovered pine cones for the first time. 

He still adores the pool! I will have to post a swimming video soon. He is ridiculously adorable going crazy in the water. 

His besties came to play too! Miss Avery...

and Mr. Harper. 

We took lots of back roads through the Hills and saw beauty everywhere! 

We also attended the wedding of a good friend. They couldn't have picked a more beautiful weekend!

Liam wanted to take a stroll through the park after the wedding. 

But he fell asleep to the sound of the creek when we went down the canyon that afternoon!

If you have never been to the Black Hills in the fall you have to make it a priority. 

Gorgeous fall scenery is everywhere you look. I can't help but be in total awe of God's creation when fall comes along every year. 

We got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset on our way back from the Prime Rib and Crab Legs buffet we enjoyed in Deadwood Saturday night. 

We decided to take the back roads home and go through the badlands. 

We got to stamp in another National Park in Liam's Passport Book!! Another reason to come and explore South Dakota. 

We had a wonderful weekend with my parents. And it was so wonderful to be out in nature on a beautiful fall weekend. We were definitely counting our blessings!!

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