Wednesday, October 24, 2012

7 Months

My sweet baby are 7 months old now.
How did that happen? Where did my little baby go??
You can melt my heart in an instant and I am pretty sure that you know it. 
Your daddy and I count our lucky stars every day, that you are ours.

You rode in a shopping cart for the first time recently. But I didn't have the shopping cart cover along so it only lasted a few minutes until you started trying to suck on things I just knew had WAY too many germs. :)

You love to stare at things and try to figure them out. You are going to be very smart. 

You love to laugh and giggle with your Mama & Daddy. 

You also discovered Uncle D's old tool set last time we were at Grandpa & Grandma Dominiack's. You thought it was pretty cool! 

You are the light in all of your Grandparent's eyes! 

You finally started crawling on all fours two days before you turned 7 months old. But you would still prefer to just walk everywhere. You get mad when I corral you like this and push with all your might to just take off on your own. 

You are our laid back little dude. 

And even though you spent your 7 month birthday in the hospital with Papa Bob you were happy as could be. 

You still cuddle with your Mama. Nothing makes me happier. 

And are happy no matter where or what we are doing. 

Thank you Jesus for our precious little blessing!! 
At 7 months you weigh 18.4lbs and are 28in long. You have 3 teeth now and might be working on #4. You make tons of new sounds when you talk now and it is so darn cute. When you reach for me or Daddy it melts our hearts. You have also figured out how to throw a fit when you don't get what you want. You LOVE to eat. And you are no longer ok when Mama & Daddy eat in front of you, unless we are sharing. You are a total people person and make friends with everyone who sees you. You bring joy to so many people! Happy 7 months little peanut!

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