Thursday, January 12, 2012


While I sit and wonder what this year will bring for us, maybe new additions to our family, growth in our business, chances to grow in our faith, I am full of hope for the changes I want to see in my life this year!
In 2012, we want to:
*Make an effort every day to count our blessings and to CHOOSE joy over stress, sadness, or getting mad. This is going to take A LOT of practice but I have already seen the amazing difference this can make in my day to day life. This is how I want to live! I will blog more about this later!
*Spend more time reading. I am taking on my cousin Karla's challenge to read 30 books this year! (I am counting audio books too)
*Keep getting healthier! We are continuing to make workouts a priority and are LOVING finding new healthier recipes. Every month this year we are trading two new healthy recipes with my parents! By the end of the year we will each have gained 24 new healthy & delicious recipes!
*Sharing God's love by living for others. We want to see needs big & small and do all that we can!
We hope that our time in 2012 will be spent enjoying time with our family & friends, working hard to continue the success of our business, and sharing our time and talents to share God's love whenever and wherever we can!

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