Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthday Gift for Jesus!

Today we bought the Christmas present that was the most fun to give! It was a birthday present for Jesus. Since Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birthday, we decided we needed to figure out what he would want for a birthday present. We got this idea from author Ann Voskamp, you can check out her blog here ( ).
While I enjoy getting gifts for the people I love more than you could possibly imagine and would never want to give that up, I LOVED the thought that we should be thinking about Jesus and what he would want us to be doing for his birthday.
So we decided that giving to those in need this year would be exactly what Jesus would want us to do. We decided to pick some things out of the Food for the Hungry gift catalog that would feed families living in poverty. We ended up buying some chickens and a fish farm that will feed families in need. Buying that gift for Jesus, that will help those who most need it, gave us such great joy!
We hope that the joy of giving far out weighs the joy of recieving for you this year as you celebrate Jesus birthday!!

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