Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paperwork, Pee Tests, & More

So far we have finished all of our major paperwork, done our fingerprints, peed in a cup, and on Friday we get to do physicals and TB tests. Every thing we can cross of our list brings us closer to our baby!
We have started some paperwork for our homestudy and can't wait to get going on the rest of those meetings. Things are moving along fast. We know the sit and wait part will be long but we are more than ready to be there & wait for the baby God has picked out for us. We are also busy working on our profile book. At first I was nervous about making this book but now I am just having fun with it. I get to to make a book all about us, our story, & our amazing families! How cool is that!?!?
Stay tuned for more updates as we move along!!!

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