Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spring Picnic

When it finally started to warm up in April, we were itching to be outside. All the time! So when Daddy left us in Chamberlain, while he went to work in Wyoming for a day; we decided to spend the evening having a picnic and playing at the park. I can never get enough of the river and my beautiful hometown, and Liam has become a river lover too. It makes my heart happy to see him love all the things I loved about the river growing up. 

After we got back to Grandma & Papa's house, it was story time before bed. The next night we went for an evening walk to keep us busy until Daddy got back to pick us up and take us home. It was a gorgeous evening. We are always thankful for our time with Grandma & Papa. And the river isn't so bad either! 

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