Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Liam's 3rd Birthday

This was your last picture as a 2 year old. 
Makes me teary. Why do you grow so fast??

Dadddy spent the night before your birthday putting together your train table. 

You were SO excited when you saw it. 
And asked if it was the one from cousin Jackson's house...

Daddy took the whole day off to spend with you. We went to your favorite place in Sioux Falls, 
Oh My Cupcake. 

And then we went to the zoo.
You LOVED showing Daddy the dinosaur exhibit.

And then you picked to have 5 Guys for lunch. 
Your Daddy couldn't have been more proud. 

For dinner you chose Ninja Turtle Mac N Cheese with grapes and chocolate milk. 

And ice cream with Gram and Pops for dessert. 
Way to live it up on your birthday big dude. 

Great Grandma Marge couldn't make it to your party so she had a special party just for you when we were back in Chamberlain. You got to eat pizza and have a cupcake. I'm not sure if you or Grandma enjoyed the day more. 

You are so incredibly loved my sweet boy. We thank God everyday for choosing us to be your Mama & Daddy. Your bring more joy, laughter, and chaos into our lives than we ever could have dreamed. 
Love you more than words! 

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