Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunshine & Fresh Air

Today was MLK Day so we got to hang out with daddy most of the day which was awesome. Liam and I started the day making banana muffins. He loves to cook and we love having him help in the kitchen.

Then after a beautifully LONG nap, we headed outside. It was 49 degrees and it felt fabulous. 
Of course Liam found the mud puddles. 
And ended up looking like this...

We walked with the dogs, he rode his bike, climbed snow piles, shoveled, pushed his lawn mower. Everything he could fit in, before we made him come inside. 

And coming in went about as well as I could have imagined. We are in the stage of full on, totally not acceptable, rude meltdowns. Not fun to go through and the consequences are not fun to go through with either. Parenting is no joke. Thankfully he calmed down quickly and we had a relaxing evening. 
Daddy has been teaching Liam how to play "war", which teaches him to recognize which numbers are bigger or smaller than other numbers. And Liam just loves time with his daddy. 
Now I am hoping all that running and fresh air makes for a good nights sleep!

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