Saturday, August 9, 2014

"thank you for the dance mama"

Liam knows that when he watches Cars, his mama will find him during the scene where the cars all cruise down main, (listening to some good old tunes, under the neon lights) and make him dance with her.
Today during a slightly crazy morning, he started pulling on my leg and yelling at me to pick him up. I was half listening, asking him to wait, while on the phone with my hubby. After I hung up, I went to ask what he needed. "Pick me up mama, it's time dance." I looked up and saw our song was about to start. I could have stared into that little face forever. After the song had ended I thanked him for dancing and gave him one more kiss. "Thank for dance mama" he said back. And then he said it over and over. And my heart exploded. Over and over. 

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