Monday, February 3, 2014

All about the South

After Christmas this year, we headed south for Max's cousin's wedding in Alabama.
We left early and spent New Year's Eve in Arkansas with my Mom's sister and my cousins. We had a blast and Liam loved spending time with all his little cousins.

We were super excited to get to Alabama. 
Liam had a whole bunch of new girl cousins to meet.
He adored all of them and made himself right at home. 

We were so close to Florida that we had to drive to the border and check out the beach. 
It was just under 50 degrees there that morning so we had the beach to ourselves. 

Then it was time for Angela and Andy's wedding.
Liam thought her dress was "pretty".
That was the first time we heard him use that word. 

And then he danced the night away.
Or at least until we made him go home and go to bed...

We ended up staying an extra day to avoid bad roads on our way home. 
And I am so thankful we did.
Because it was 60+ degrees that day and sunny.
And we never stopped playing outside all day.
It was heavenly.

We had SO much fun with our southern Friman family. 
We can't wait to go back and visit again.
Liam wants to go back when it is hot and he can play in Uncle Tom's pool. 
Another successful road trip in the books for the Masters family!

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