Friday, October 18, 2013

Camping Liam & Gabe Style

We had lots of fun camping with both of our families this year. Our second to last camping trip was way back in August and I was in pain from some problems that came up that were caused by my endometriosis. We only were able to stay one night because of my pain. I had a surgery in September and I am finally  able to say I have energy and am feeling like myself again. It was a long few months and as you can see I got WAY behind on blogging. So prepare yourselves...there could be a lot of posts coming up to help me catch up!
As always I want to keep these memories for Liam as he grows!
Here are some fun pictures from Liam and Gabe's camping trip this summer in Yankton. 
These two are at the age where they are becoming best buddies and really having fun together. They had a blast that weekend. There was an invasion of bees at the campground and poor Liam got stung a bunch. He sure was a tough guy though. I think his mama took it worse than him. :)
We are thankful for family, cousins, camping, friends, and time together. 
Until next summer...

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