Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Months

Little man, you are 5 months old now! How is that possible? You spent your 5 month birthday at the Fair. 

You had a blast all week at your first ever Turner County Fair! You loved all of the animals and watching all of the people. 

You are growing so fast now! At 5 months you were 27 inches long and weighed 17.4 lbs! You currently love seeing how high and loud you can make yourself squeak. 

You don't spend much time laying around anymore. You are trying to get the whole crawling thing mastered. You sit up on your own now. You get so frustrated when you are laying down and want to sit up. You want to do it yourself, so you just do these constant baby crunches. You are going to have the nicest set of baby abs around by the time you master it! You love to be going every where in your walker. Being outside is always your favorite! And you go crazy bouncing around in the jumperoo! 

You are a very hungry boy. You are already eating solids. The cereal wasn't cutting it anymore so at 5 months we moved to baby food. You can't get enough of it. There hasn't been a veggie or fruit you didn't like yet!

Your bottom two teeth are much further in now and you are currently working on getting a few more. You are still always full of smiles. You talk constantly to us now and it just melts this mama's heart. Last night I couldn't put you to bed because you just kept talking away to me and playing with my hair. I thought my heart was going to explode with joy. 
Although there are times we just want to slow time down, we are just having so much fun watching you grow. The bigger you get the more fun you are and the more we get to see your little personality shine through. We are so proud to be your parents buddy! Happy 5 months!!

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