Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Step of Faith

Last Thursday evening we went to an adoption panel put on by our adoption agency. There were two couples that had adopted internationally and two couples that were there with the sets of birth parents who they had adopted from. I can not even begin to describe to you how wonderful of an opportunity this was for us. Each of the 6 couples shared their stories and when they were finished all of us couples getting ready to adopt could ask them anything we wanted. They were so open and honest with us, it was just fabulous.
Being able to hear from other couples who have been through the process before was just priceless. And to hear from these parents who had loved their unborn babies enough to give them a better life just indescribable. It made us think about things we had never even considered before. God definitely used this to open our eyes and our hearts even more in this process. I am so thankful for Thursday night, and the extra peace, excitement, and openness it brought to our hearts!
As we were talking with friends recently it was brought up once again, that adoption is really a step of faith. There are many unknowns and it can get a little scary at times but that is when we just have to trust God and remember as we should in all things, that we are not in control and he is. And that is honestly a huge weight off of our shoulders! I have had overwhelming peace throughout this entire process and I know that without faith this wouldn't be possible.
God is good, all the time. And we are thankful.

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