Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This year was not at all what I had imagined and truthfully probably not at all what I had been hoping it would be when it started. But in this last year I have learned how very blessed I really am, not measured in the amount of money or things I have but in the things that truly matter. So even in this stressful and trying year I couldn't be happier to be me.
At the beginning of the year I was excited to move to Parker, even though we were sad to leave our wonderful friends and beautiful Spearfish. Excited to meet our new doctor and start trying for a baby, and Super excited to start building our new house. It was sure to be the best year EVER!
Fast forward to today. Since the beginning of the year we did move to Parker which we love, but do of course miss our friends. We did meet our new doctor who is wonderful and did a surgery and some procedures, but unfortunately after the fiasco with our shady contractor who are stuck waiting until we can financially move forward with IVF or adoption. We did build a beautiful new house which we now live in and love, but did get taken advantage of by a bad contractor who we are still dealing with today.
Thankfully I know that God has not been surprised by any that has happened in the last year and that he has a plan for us that is greater than anything I could ever imagine. We have always said that patience is our life lesson and I think that this last year has really been a test for us. There are two ways to look at things. I can look at how everything has gone wrong and set us back or I can look forward with faith and see how God is going to use all these circumstances to do great things in our lives. So instead of being mad we will concentrate on being thankful, instead of being frustrated we will focus on where God wants us to go, and all of that is pretty easy to do when we count our blessings and realize how lucky we are!
As long as I have my amazing husband to love me and God's grace I will have all I could ever need. I will be praying for a blessed 2010 for us and for all my amazing family and friends.
Happy New Year!!!

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