Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trying to Slow Down!

Life has been so crazy for the last month that I have barely had time to remember the blog. Between the running the business, dealing with contractors, and moving I barely remember the last month. We finally got to sleep in our house on the 5th of September. We had already had all of our stuff moved in but were waiting for electricity. When we moved in on the 5th we had electricity but no water or air conditioning. We got water shortly after that but no hot water until last Friday. We also found out that our brand new refrigerator didn't work when we moved in. We will never purchase another Samsung product in our lives since it has been over 3 weeks and they have yet to replace our fridge. So we have been living out of a dorm fridge which is VERY inconvenient.
We are still waiting for front steps, the dirt work to be finished, and the dishwasher to be wired. More than anything I want a working refrigerator. I have decided that patience is most definitely my life lesson.
Here are some pictures of the house being set. I haven't taken any of the inside but will try to do it soon! Our garage will be built next spring and will come straight off the front of the house ( the second door on the front will be in the garage). We have been enjoying our huge new bathtub in our master bathroom and the wood burning fireplace!! For now I am trying to slow things down and enjoy our new home!

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