Saturday, August 8, 2009


We went into the doctor yesterday to check how my ovaries were looking and decide if it was time for the IUI. I had been having some pain this week so I had a feeling that there might be a cyst or two. They found 1 cyst on each ovary but thought that there were still follicles that we couldn't see behind the cysts so they wanted to do a blood test to check. The blood test ended up showing that I had already ovulated and we missed it. OOPS! So this month we will just hope for a miracle and wait to see what we will try next month!
As for our house the only step left with the basement is to pour the floor. We are hoping that will happen on Monday. We are waiting to see when the house can get here. We are VERY anxious to get moved in. We are just cruising down this crazy road called life and loving every happy, crazy, scary, stressful, moment of it! We really are SO blessed!!

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