Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Plan

After some disappointment yesterday it was back to the doctor today for another ultra-sound and more medicine. We are going to try another IUI this month. We are staying positive and remembering that things ALWAYS happen according to God's plan and not always according to Max & Leslie's plan. We are excited to try again and feel more prepared knowing what to expect this time. For now we are still enjoying our time together with just the two of us and remembering how blessed our lives already are. And we will keep praying for our miracle!

Last week we went to Wisconsin to see our house being built in the factory. It was amazing to watch and the house looks great. We are ready for it to be finished and move in! Now we just need to get the basement finished so we have somewhere to put the house when it comes. We are going out to the lot today to stake out the basement location and then hopefully they will get moving on digging and pouring the basement! Finger Crossed!!


  1. How fun to see your house! I am sure the results were a little frustrating this month. I am bummed for you! I trust God and his timing much better than my own, even when it doesn't seem like it fits into "my" plan. I will continue to pray for you guys, even that you would be able to relax through this process and enjoy your time together being able to sleep in on Sat. mornings!

  2. Leslie and Max,

    I just wanted you to know that I say a little prayer for you guys each night! God will provide! Keep the faith!