Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Busy Life!!

In May we took a trip out to Washington and Oregon with my brother Randy and his girlfriend Brittany . We got to see most of the Krug Family in Seattle before heading down to Oregon. We totally fell in love with the three newest additions to the family!! We can't wait to see everyone again soon! And of course we had an amazing time in of our favorite places in the whole world!! I am already missing it and ready to go back and sit on the beach!!
The time has finally come for us to try IUI (intrauterine insemination). We are so excited to finally be to the point where we can try something again. We went in Friday, did an ultra-sound and got the medicine (just pills) that I am taking for 5 days. Then next Friday we will go in and do another ultra-sound to make sure that the pills worked and I have good follicles. Then I will do the HCG shot that day to stimulate ovulation. We will then go back in (I am guessing Saturday) and do the IUI!I am excited and nervous. So hopeful that this could be what will end up working for us. We will keep everyone updated on how the rest of the process goes next week.
As for the house stuff they are starting the building of the house on June 15th at the factory. They will start the basement sometime after that since it will go faster. It should take 4-6 weeks for the house to be built. Hopefully we will be moving in August. Right now we are working on getting the curb and gutter done. One step at a time...we are definitely learning patience through this whole process!!

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  1. it was so fun to see you guys in May. the best month! hoping the home and next few doctors appointments go smoothly for you and Max.